Terms and Conditions

Before making a booking, please take time to read our Terms & Conditions. 

No fuss, no small print, no problems.

We want you to be completely happy just like the many hundreds of other guests who have sailed with us Catamaran Sailing d.o.o.

Our promise to you

You are guaranteed a wonderful time onboard our luxury catamaran. This is our promise and pledge. You do not need any previous sailing experience… just a sense of fun and adventure

• Our professional skipper and crew will take excellent care of you

• We offer a unique, fully inclusive sailing charter, and a holistic program for your mind, body
and soul.

• We have 100% 5* reviews.

• Everything is provided on board for your safety & comfort. All you need to bring is swimming costumes, towels, hats, sunglasses, sun cream, your camera… and a smile!

Catamaran & Skipper

The catamaran is fully coded to Croatian commercial maritime standards and is subject to regular comprehensive inspections by Croatian coding inspectors. These rigorous inspections cover all safety aspects of the catamaran, including the regular maintenance of life-saving equipment on board and the general operating systems of the vessel.

Our professional skippers are fully qualified, who between them have sailed thousands of
sea miles in many different parts of the World, The Caribbean, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Moroccan, French, Scottish, and English seas.

Before every cruise, the skipper gives a comprehensive safety briefing that covers all
aspects of your safety & comfort at sea. She indicates the positions of all life-saving
equipment and explains all procedures including a guided tour of the catamaran.
Whenever possible, we will make headway under sail. When conditions determine
otherwise, we will supplement sailing with the two auxiliary engines.


Please be assured that by registering your details with us and by making an online booking,
all details are secure and will not be passed to any third parties. 
● The first installment is 10% of the total amount, This is your deposit at the time you
are booking and also serves as a confirmation of booking.
● Your bank transfer payment is confirmed by email and by invoice – this is normally
within 24 hours of your booking and means your place is 100% secured, unless you
directly specify otherwise by cancelling.
● You pay your deposit to Catamaran Sailing d.o.o. Vranjički put 11, HR – 21210 Solin,
OIB: 52249704600
● And the rest of the payment you pay 4 weeks before sailing retreat on to Women at
Sea directly.
● For any questions feel free to contact us via mail, socials or by phone directly at
Last minute bookings
● Last minute bookings are considered within 4 weeks before departure.
● In this case, the total amount is due when making a booking.
● Postponement and free cancellation does not apply for last minute bookings.

Cancellation Policy

a) Changes or cancellation of any booking is only authorized when Catamaran Sailing d.o.o.
receives notification in writing by email and this is confirmed by reply email.
b) Should you wish to cancel your booking, please be advised of the following conditions:
I. Cancellation more than 4 weeks to departure date, 100% of the deposit or full
payment (as applicable) will be refunded, less any fees incurred
II. Cancellation less than 4 weeks to departure date, there will be no refund of deposit
or full payment
III. No show on the day, no refund of deposit or payments.

c) In the unlikely event that a cruise needs to be canceled by us because
I. weather and sea conditions

II. riots

III. terrorism

IV. strikes

V. fire

VI. natural or manmade disasters,

we will notify guests as soon as possible before the cruise date in writing, by email, by SMS
or by telephone. All money paid will be fully refunded.

Guest Responsibilities

• The skipper’s decision on all matters of safety at sea is final, and all guests agree to adhere
to and comply with instructions from the skipper

• All guests are expected to listen carefully and understand the comprehensive safety briefing. There is an opportunity for everyone to ask questions if something is not understood before

• Smoking or vaping is prohibited inside the boat but is allowed on deck on the starboard stern area. Ashtrays must be used for cigarette ends. Smoking or vaping guests are expected to
respect non-smokers.

• No litter of any description is to be discarded into the sea

• Nothing must be discarded into the toilets that have not been eaten before

• Guests are responsible for all personal possessions taken onboard, and we take no
responsibility for any loss or damage

• Guests must advise us of any medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities prior to making a booking.


• Whilst we take all reasonable care and precautions to ensure the safety of all guests,
accidents can unfortunately occur. We provide you with the best information, safety
equipment, and care always, however, this is not and never can be a substitute for inquiry by you. Sailing is considered an adventure-based activity that can be hazardous. There is
always the possibility of personal injury or a medical emergency. Please be assured our professional skippers and crew are trained and certified First Aid officers and we carry a full medical kit onboard.

• It is essential guests are aware of risks and adhere to rules and regulations for their own safety. Guests must take individual responsibility for understanding all given information and instruction, accepting and assuming all risks of damage, injury, or a medical emergency that may result.

• We recommend all guests purchase their own insurance to cover medical emergencies

• We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury.

• Catamaran Sailing d.o.o is a fully insured company, and the vessel & Grey Goose of London
1 or 2” is insured by Yacht Pool. A copy of the policy document is available on request.

• When making your booking, please confirm you have read all the above and fully understand and accept sailing with Catamaran Sailing d.o.o is entirely at your own risk, and you accept these terms and conditions.


If you are unable to get to your departure destination due to COVID-19 disruption** you will be issued a travel credit to the value of the payment you have made. Travel credit can be used to rebook a trip in season 2023.
Please note Travel credit cannot be exchanged for cash.

**Disruption is qualified as you are unable to travel to your departure destination due to departure country government travel bans.

Please note, if the country you are visiting allows entry but requires a negative test for
COVID-19 or a proof of full vaccination, which you are unable to provide, our policy does not class such situations as COVID-19 disruption and normal cancellation terms would apply.

Thank you for choosing Catamaran Sailing x Women at Sea